Spanish-speaking Customer Service Agent for Basic-Fit Hoofddorp

Are you looking for an exciting new job with flexible hours alongside your study? Start as a Spanish-speaking Customer Service Agent at Basic-Fit in Hoofddorp (near Amsterdam and Leiden).
  • A flexible part-time job for Spanish-speaking service-oriented students;
  • Work location next to Hoofddorp train station;
  • Flexible working hours: Monday till Friday between 07:30 and 21:00, and on Saturday between 08:30 and 17:00;
  • Internships and career opportunities.

Werken binnen een SUSA-studententeam betekent:

  1. Flexible hours: submit your availability on a weekly basis;
  2. Fun work environment: work with other students at Basic-Fit;
  3. Easy planning: easily submit your availability and declare your worked hours online;
  4. Ideal combination: combined perfectly with your study and activities, such as sports.

Over de opdrachtgever

Basic-Fit is a fast-growing international organization focused on personal health and fitness. Its headquarters are currently based in Hoofddorp (where you will be working). The atmosphere at the office can be described as energetic with an enthusiastic and hard-working team. Taking initiative and sharing ideas are highly valued qualities of its employees. Internships and career opportunities are long-term possibilities.

Basic-Fit can be described as informal, approachable, flexible, young and sportive.


As a Spanish-speaking Customer Support Agent at Basic-Fit you help members with their questions and requests by phone, e-mail or chat. It is a very service-oriented job which you can perfectly combine with your study and (sports)activities.


  • Student at a university (or university of applied sciences) and you will be studying for at least six more months;
  • Proficient in Spanish, both spoken and written;
  • Preferably proficient in English, both spoken and written;
  • A pleasant conversational partner and a good listener;
  • Interested in health and fitness;
  • You are enthusiastic, proactive and not afraid to ask questions.


€11,29 per hour (regardless of your age)

Werktijden en beschikbaarheid

Flexible hours during the week from Monday till Friday between 07:30 and 21:00, and on Saturday between 08:30 and 17:00.
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